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Many of you know me as Lorry, the ‘gal with the gob’. After many years working in the financial sector, i’m now a full time mummy to my beautiful twins Jack and Helen.

I have decided to start this blog to detail my goals, habits and life in general. I’m always interested in blogging about new products, and services so if you have something you would like me to review or discuss on this blog for fellow mum’s please get in touch with me.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.”

Lorena Stephenson

September 06, 2018 – Our Visit To Never Give Up Escape Room

We all remember the Crystal Maze on the TV – Richard Obrien strutting his stuff around a maze of obstacles where teams must compete to earn Crystals. It was by far one of the fondest memories of my childhood – and recently I found a similar experience in Newcastle upon Tyne to take the kids to. Never Give Up is a Crystal Maze themed experience mixed with an escape room. An escape room is basically a room you get locked in with your team and have to solve clues to escape.

Never Give Up was conviently located close to the Central Station in Newcastle so we didn’t have to travel to far to get there. Once inside we were greeted by a host (and made to sign our lives away on disclaimers). After that the fun began, and the host was very entertaining all the way.

As a group of 7 we did many individual games which were split into physical, mental and skill. Some of the games suited 1 person where as others were aimed at 2. We played these mini games for around 40 mins, and then collected enough clues to go into the Newcastle escape room.

I personally thought having the escape game at the end was a better idea than the real Crystal Maze dome, as this was for me always the boring part on the TV show! 🙂

We managed to escape with 3 minutes to go, and without giving too much away, I would personally give Never Give Up Newcastle a 10 star rating.

Whatsmore, this particular escape game is aimed at kids, and although Jack and Helen were too young (minimum age is 8) I will definately be bringing them back when they are old enough.