Clifton Eye Company optometrist – Arminder Panesar.

Did you know children can start having their eyes tested at just six months old and it’s paid for by the Government? Neither did we until we spoke to Clifton Eye Company optometrist Arminder Panesar. The professionals at the Regent Street optometrists talked to Mum’s Diary about why it’s important to check your child’s sight early and how they are setting themselves apart as the most child-friendly optician to visit.

What age is best to start with eye tests and how often do they take place? Parents often leave it until their child is about eight years old before they have their first eye examination. Early detection and prompt treatment of ocular disorders in children is important to avoid lifelong visual impairment, especially if there is any family history of eye problems. Children are entitled to Government-funded eye examinations up until the age of 18 and a subsequent voucher towards glasses or contact lenses if their vision needs correction. It is important to maintain regular eye examinations to determine any visual changes.

What does a sight test involve for young children? A eye examination takes 20-30 minutes. Young children can’t always read letters and in this situation Clifton Eye Company has the most modern test charts, which have visual recognition which doesn’t rely on letters. I would also check the muscles around the eye, and look at the back of the eye with an ophthalmoscope.

What sort of eye problems do children commonly suffer from? Signs of a sight problem might include the child not being able to read the board at school, not being able to maintain concentration when reading, as well as having visual problems associated with dyslexia. Common problems we would pick up would be a squint or a lazy eye. Vision issues can be corrected so easily when caught early, which is why it’s important to check children’s eyes so young. Detection of an eye problem and early treatment can make a real difference in terms of fulfilling a child’s potential by helping to improve there ability to read and interpret words.

How is Clifton Eye Company different, what makes you so child-focused? We have a designated children’s waiting room with a play area. Children can arrive a little bit early, play with some frames and feel comfortable in the practice before going for the eye examination. We understand that children need a lot of reassurance and are very careful and sensitive about how we treat them.  Clifton Eye Company is a completely independent business, so you are never rushed and there is always plenty of time for questions. We also make the glasses up on site so if any repairs are needed, we can do them. We aim to have the best level of service as well as the best selection of frames for all the family.

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